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Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to Receive an Award

Rule #1: Graciously
Rule #2: Joyfully
Rule#3 Quickly
Rule#4 By Faith

My joy cometh in the morning moment for today was kicked off by the thoughtfulness of my blogging friend, Susan, at Penless Writer. Susan blessed me, perfectly timed I should say, with the 3rd Annual Angel Award in commemoration of her Third Anniversary in Blogging, which is how WE met. Though our meeting has yet to happen in person, it has happened in the spirit for sure. Any opportunity you have to visit Susan's blog will be a blessing. I remember my husband Danny used to say, "You should go by and visit Susan's blog. I think you would really like her!" How right, how very right he was!

By the way, there are really no rules (that I know of) for receiving blog awards, but if you need a method, I thought these were four good ways to do so. I especially liked #4, because Bloggers who hand out awards, especially our friends in the Lord, have the eyes of the Lord for the recipients of their awards. Personally, I have been walking through a bit of a valley over the last few weeks, and I needed Susan's reminder of how the Lord sees me. Susan, thank you so very much. I am very honored. Happy Anniversary!


Susan said...

God's timing and ways are always pure and correct. I love you, Kathy and so does HE!!! (that's the important part....His love).

Susan said...

P.S. I like your set of rules :o)

Mari said...

When Susan described the award and then gave it to you, I thought it was made for you. Congrats! Glad it brightened your day.

Kathy said...

Thank you, Mari! It did!!! : )

Kristi said...

It is perfect for you! As anything wonderful would be. :) Love you much!!