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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Watering Trees

Hi there my son! I have to say I love how you're memorizing scripture! Daddy has us on a Phillipians 4 challenge. The other day you went in to use the restroom, and I could hear you practicing your scripture. Yesterday morning in your Bible time in your room, you were memorizing the word then too. Guess what, God's Word is going to plant a big tree in you. You're a Psalm 1 boy to become a Psalm 1 man. I am praying that in. My heart and soul says, "YES, he is the Lord's ." Daniel, you belong to Jesus, you're His.

I write periodically in a private journal called, "My Son", and "Princess Papers", both are online blog journals for our son and daughter respectively. Here is my most recent post for my son which I feel I have permission from the Lord to share. When someone writes a post like this one, one of the responses is to rejoice with the Mother and Father who are believing for God's best for their children. The other response, or even additional response, is to add our prayers to the prayers and voice of that Mother and Father, in this case, Danny and I. Even now, I lift up a prayer for each reader with children - that those offspring would be a righteous generation, a light in a dark place, His very own prized posessions. Lord, help us to pray sincerely for one another as we raise our children in You, for Your purposes and Your glory alone. Amen

Whether I attend a wedding as a witness to their vow before the Lord, or a baby dedication, I have a sense that I am to continue to pray for what I have just seen. I believe we are to be mindful of our role in prayer in the lives of children and married couples around us.


Susan said...

Every time you give us a little peek into one of these posts to your precious children I am humbled. I wish I had been spiritually mature enough to have prayer over my children like that when they were growing up. But, as always with our precious Lord, it is never to late and He allows us to redeem the time. I am doing so today and for my grandchildren and for my great-grandchildren to come, should our Lord tarry.

Thank you that you are so open to sharing your heart with us, Kathy.
Words cannot convey my love toward you.

Mari said...

"The prayers of a righteous man avails much". I think that verse counts for a righteous mom too!

Sandra said...

Oh Kathy, you do need to let people see how you are praying over your children as an encouragement to others and so they will understand the power of praying God's word.

And the part about praying over those that we were a witness to their marriage or being dedicated to the Lord. That is a good reminder to all of us. To pray without ceasing. Very insightful!!

Kathy said...

Thank you, Sandra. Today we had a baptism. I think those are the same. Much love to you!