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Monday, June 14, 2010

Don't Ever Link to This Post!

Before you read further, allow me to caution those with weak stomachs. The pictures are graphic. They're personal. They're plum pathetic. That said, it took me 30 minutes to upload the photos from my phone, so I'd appreciate atleast a glance.

These pictures could be mistaken for aerial photos of a tornado, but ladies, they merely reflect the contents of my purse. You're not going to believe what was in there, and I promise, there is a good explanation for the dogfood. So, here's my list:

9 tubes of lipstick/lipgloss (That's the pathetic part!)
1 tube of concealer
1 brow pencil
1 lip liner
1 Tube of Mascara
1 compact
1 hand lotion
1 body spray
1 pocketpac Antibacterial Hand Gel
3 cross necklaces (gifts for me and the children)
1 pair of earrings
1 broken necklace
1 miniature can of V8 Juice
1 small flashlight
1 highlighter
2 pencils
5 empty communion cups (we like to use these to simulate the sounds of a visit to your local chiropracter!)
1 CD
1 box of toothpicks
1 set of Danny's missing keys (sorry, honey!)
1 lense from a broken pair of sunglasses
4 perfectly fine pair of sunglasses
Probably 15 or so crumpled receipts
Dental floss (not used yet)
Dogfood (we try to keep healthy snacks around)
and of course, a tube of ibuprophen.

Can you believe it?  (I promise it's not usually this bad!)

The dogfood made a memorable impression when it exposed itself during a recent check out at a local Barnes and Noble location. Call it: camping, selling a  home, homeschooling, etc. Call it an emergency. Does the President know about this?


Brenda said...

I'm not going to as any questions as to the contents of your purse, Nope, not ANY questions...ok, just one...9 tubes of lipstick? Hilarious, Kathy!

Mari said...

You are so funny! It really is amazing what can end up in your purse. At least we know you look and smell good and are free of germs!

Nancy said...

Well...the President might not know about it YET...but, I'm tell'n! If you have enough moolah to buy all that should be on the dispersal list! While my bag is big enough to haul all's rather empty since I have shoulders too small to lug that much stuff! Maybe you should go for the pull cart...

Kathy said...

Suprisingly, everything seems to lie nice and flat thus allowing me to "layer" the piles, if you will. : )

Of course, THIS is NOT the norm, folks. I prefer the lightened-up & neater version. This one was choice, and I just had to share it.

Keelie said...

What? This seems perfectly normal to me. ;)

Andi said...

LOL! That was a great thing to post....LOL!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, the dog food just cracks me up! My purse has looked like this many a time:)

Kahri said...

So funny!!

Toni said...

Oh Kathy! You make me smile!

tricia said...

My purses seems to become a collect all when we are out doing things. Recently, I have found legos and cars in my purse.

Pam said...

ok that's hilarious! Now I don't feel so bad about what is in my purse! The dogfood is a first for me! :)

Lisa said...

What a fun thing to post about. Love it