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Monday, January 3, 2011

Today's Grace

Today I am giving myself the grace to clean and tidy up. We've all been a little punky with colds lately, and things are not where they need to be. I have the next two weeks of lesson plans in the planner, but today, it waits. (Note: Generally I don't discard school plans to clean unless things are in such disarry that I can't function.) Tonight, the Homeschool Leadership meeting is at our house, and will be for the remainder of the semester. Danny and I are co-directors with another couple, the McAffees. Since we moved end of September, our fall meetings were at their house. Now it's our turn. (Oh, to erase all doubt, this is a picture from the computer. Couldn't find a recent "clean" picture of our house....)

A couple of years ago I heard the phrase that as homemakers, our goal is "to bless and not impress." I have adopted that for myself. I can get pretty pushy and bossy when I am under pressure, and my gentle spirit can bark out the orders with the best of 'em. Time becomes like a hammer when I have a deadline, and the closer I get to the deadline, the harder I hammer. I have three eye-witnesses. Oh, four. Yes Lord, you know it all! Great, so you bless the guests by having things in order, but you karate chop your family to accomplish it. Not so good. So, while I have grace to clean, and I am convinced I do, I need the Holy Spirit to follow me around like a dust mop and make sure I'm not scattering seeds of discord in the process.

God, thank you for the grace to clean. I am leaning on You and trusting
that You will coach the pushy Mom in me to become more like you. Oh, this is
your way of cleaning and transforming me? I get it!


Mari said...

I think we are a lot alike! I get a little crazy when guests are coming as well.

TraciG said...

I like that: bless, not impress.... good stuff! I got my house together for some friends on New Year's day and am enjoying it today too! I've had a great time with my kiddos, go-fish, and then bowling and baseball on the wii. Maybe they will help me when they see how much more time I get to spend with them!

Kathy said...

Traci, I just read a great post on simplifying, and that was one of the things she stated: she wanted to enjoy her children more, and them enjoy her too.

These times of having people over are additional training for them. It makes them more conscientious, and gives them an opportunity to serve the family.

Susan said...

Wonderful, Godly advise!!!

Gina Stinson said...

Love that phrase....think I will adopt it for myself!

Hope you meeting goes well!

Devoted said...

Bless...not impress. Love it! My house has been so messy with all the boys around and no girls to help with the cleaning that I, too got a bit grouchy... but my boys just laughed and told me it was time to give up the OCD!

Have a fantastic week!

Sandra said...

I'm thinking I need to make myself a sign for my home that says 'I'm here to bless not impress'. That is a good word.

I don't know why but I seem to hear from God better when I am doing housework. Come to think of it.....since my word for the year from Him is 'Stand'....maybe He's telling me I need to clean more so He can get through to me. HMMMMM!!

Kathy said...

Funny, Sandra, because I think "faster" when I am cleaning which means I too am more focused. A great time for the Lord to speak. I love your word for the year by the way.