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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Socks Blessed Off

"Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this food, thank you for my Mommy, thank you that she's homeschooling me, thank you that she is a Christian, thank you that she's raising me in the Lord, thank you for this food, and help Daddy to get back safe from work when he has to go, and thank you for this food. In Jesus name, Amen."
Brunch-time prayer of Thanksgiving by son as he and his sister play toys in her room. I love the heavy emphasis on being thankful for the food! Brunch was served atop a cardboard box table while they played. My own personal socks have been blessed right off. Blessing one: this prayer. Blessing two: having a family to serve. Blessing three: knowing it will count for eternity. At this rate, my socks may not go back on for some time. I would love to hear about your top three for today!


Gina Stinson said...

I love when, in prayer, our kids really think about what they are saying...just like your son did here. It is a blessing!

My blessings are:

1. Decorating the Valentine Tree with the kids and having them both say "this is fun".

2. Savannah asking to leave the cross from Christmas at the top of the tree so that we could remember who loves us the most....that's a little tear jerker there!

3. Hubby home before lunch and with us the rest of the day!

We are blessed!....Thanks for the nudge to remember!

Mari said...

Kids prayers are really the best! I can almost see the smile on your face hearing this. :)
My top three are
1) My daughter went out to run errands. Shortly after she left my sister called to tell me that if I was going out, to go the back way because there was a bad accident right around the corner from us and they were closing the road. I immediately tried to call Heather and she didn't answer her phone. Of course, I started worrying. I also started praying. She came home after 45 minutes, telling me the road was still closed, her phone was on vibrate so she never heard the call. Huge praise from this Mom!
2) My husband has been working on fixing up my laundry area in the basement and putting in shelving for a stock up area for good deals. I'm cleaning it up and putting things away today; feeling blessed that he did this, blessed for the bargain deals and blessed that I can even do this.
3) It's my weekend off - I can get things done today and get to go to church tomorrow!

Susan said...

Blessing one - my daughter on the road to putting satan in his place and winning the victory over lung cancer. And the bonus to that-Jesus getting the Praise & Glory all through this testing and trial put on this family by the evil one.

Blessing two - celebrating an After Christmas Christmas party & Welcoming the New Year 2011 & Celebrating The 1st Year Anniversary of The King's Kitchen tonight with all the servants who serve in this ministry to 54 shut-ins each week.

Blessing three - that God has blessed me with so many great Christian prayer warriors and friends literally around the world through the wonderful world of Blogger and now fb.

I could go on, & on, & ON...but I'll be obedient and only name these three.

Yes, you are so blessed with your two wonderful, being trained in The Lord children, and their wonderful daddy.

And, see I couldn't do it after all....I am blessed to call your family my friends :o)

Kathy said...

Residual: reading these blessings of yours and being even further encouraged!

Brenda said...

How cute! And I love the sincerity in his words!

ok Blessing #1: Having a wonderful husband and two daughters who all love the Lord and are 'called according to His purposes'!

#2: After struggling financially for so long, seeing a huge light at the end of the tunnel instead of pure darkness! We, with the Lord's blessing, plan on being completely out of debt including our truck paid off with on 8-12 months! woohoo!

#3: I suppose this should be in #1 spot but knowing and being secure with who I am in Christ! In this world of tumultuous (sp?) times, I know that His peace encompasses us.

Devoted said...

Oh, I love those thank you prayers children so often pray when they are first learning to pray on their own. I will never forget Jake ending a prayer with, "and Lord, thank you for big blue tractors!" He was three! I think of it each time I see that blue tractor. We should pray so thankfully and innocently at least once a day!

This post blessed me but I am not counting it among my top three today!

1) Thankful for a God who loves me as I am... loves me enough to correct me... love me enough to wrap his arms around me, guide me, protect, give wisdom, and so much more.

2) Thankful for the blogging family he has provided... true friends... sisters and brothers in Christ... whom I have truly come to love.

3) Thankful for a husband who lead me (and my son, Richard) to the Lord. His example of the unconditional love that Jesus has for us all has made the difference in our lives and the lives of so many others.

The list could go on and on... and will as I think throughout the rest of this day just how much I have to be thankful for!

Michelle said...

So sweet!

I wanted to email you, but your contact button isn't working, Please (please) remove my old button that links to my old blog ~ someone else owns the domain and trust me you don't want to link there!
Hope you are doing well!