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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'd Be Missing Out On

Everyonce in awhile I stop myself in my own tracks and ask myself, "If I weren't homeschooling, what would I be missing out on right now?" Today, I had one of those times where the question answered itself before I realized I'd even asked it.

I love candles and had decided to light not one, not two, but three candles. My son, age 9, who loves candles also, (and loves to light them) asked if he could light a candle. "Yes," was my reply. That was it. That was the instant that I was reminded, "If I weren't homeschooling, I would've missed that moment with Daniel." Is it a big deal? Is lighting a candle a big deal? No, not really. But.....we wouldn't have had that minute together. It would have been a period of time, although brief, that we would've missed out on. I'm not willing to give those moments up. There's waaaay too much conversation, too much precious living and loving that I would miss out on, that WE would miss out on. Homeschooling is the "layered look" of the Christian life, family living, and academics, that when combined, embodies who we are. It creates the setting for memories that seem unimportant, but can become everything! I believe that each moment does indeed count for eternity. The repercussions of our calling and decision to homeschool is designed by God to have a lasting impact for many, many generations, and I take it seriously for that reason.


Susan said...

I am so blessed that the Lord has graced my life with so many of you wonderful home schooling Mom who truly are building their, and their, childrens lives around what God deems most important: God, Family, Church, Friends, Service. You all often move me to tears!!!

Andi said...

I love this post...'the layered look' was and is exactly the right way to describe it. ;0) Each moment does count....