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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Where Will You Spend the Night Next

Bethany and Daniel, I love listening to you play. Bethany, you drag out your animals of all sizes, and Daniel, you move your Lego men and your control station into Bethany's room, and then the dialogue (or monologue) begins. It's complete with accents, international travel, and high drama! I love listening to you play. The first night you spent the night in the Czech Republic. Of course, you also traveled to Serbia, and your children complained about having to eat smoked salmon again, not to mention the fact that none of you speak German! The part I also like is that you know how to make Daniel laugh, and every now and then you both laugh it out together. I wonder where you will spend the night next!!!

1 comment:

Brenda said...

And we think they're not 'getting it'!
I love to watch Grace act out what she's read or learned, especially in her American Girl books. Before you know it her dolls are dressed accordingly and and if there is something amiss, like a head scarf, then 'by golly that homemade bib I wore as a baby will do the trick'.
Love it!