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Friday, August 17, 2012

Praying for Strategy

As a mother, I try, try, try to never discipline out of anger. Anger erases the margin of perspective that is required to keep the God-honoring approach to child-rearing. I've asked the Lord for a portion of desired wisdom today:
in the midst of anger. Frustration. 
Because my emotion is still a bit on high, I've chosen the "all-day cleaning and school tomorrow" approach for my son. The momma button has been pushed, and this is the best I know to do.

The principle of honor and mutual respect, especially between brothers and sisters, is high on my list of how our day ought to go. When one transgresses, especially if they physically hurt the other, then my world stops, and the deeper training begins. There is scripture, there is prayer, and I do all of these, but  sometimes it just has to be an unpleasant day for the one who commits the offense. As I go, I pray for my own heart to be firm with a shade of tenderness at the right time. This one knows my love is there for them, but for today,  discipline will be the brightest color on the page.

My prayer:
"Jesus, give me wisdom that glorifies you. Work in the life of this one to bring about Godly sorrow that leads to repentance.  Amen."


Susan said...

God shows anger, when needed. Since we are made in His image we can and must at times. But, beneath it all, and wrapped around it is always love.

Kathy said...

I agree, Susan. In fact, it was interesting how He used anger that day (wrapped in love, as you said)to give the instruction that was needed.

Tanja Morrow Shineman said...

Amen Kathy,

This past week I have been struggling with this too. Elijah has turned a corner of disobedience in the slightest to the greatest things. It seems like everything I have said gets ignored. I have asked God to show me the way cause I don't have the answer yet. I think this week it is getting better because I know how to get better at noticing the smallest of offenses and just nipping them in the bud. Then today at his Karate class he did the same thing to the instructor and when you get to the final warning you get no credit for the class or your "green" light award. When he got to the car it finally hit him that he didn't get it. Even though the instructor spoke with him afterwards. He was crying. Plus I had already told him if he did not do well in karate that I take his current favorite toy away. Oh. My heart broke. But I think a light bulb finally went off.
Yeah.. Praise Jesus. Now I just ask for more of that wisdom to be downloaded to me. lol!

The Piper's Wife said...

So beautifully put---sharing this with moms I know. Love your word picture: "with a shade of tenderness"