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Monday, August 13, 2012

Read THIS (at your own risk provided you're not homeschooling). It is one of the most succinct and compelling articles on homeschooling that I've read, and it's written to non-homeschoolers.

Here is one of the more convicting paragraphs I've read in a long time:
1. I think the Bible encourages us to admonish one another. We are a BODY. We are members connected to each other. What we do affects us all. My choice–your choice to educate our children is HUGE and it is not an isolated choice. If my hand is injured, the rest of my body suffers from it. I believe the church universal is crippled, largely, because of our choice to let the state have such a powerful influence on our children.
My heart has been so torn this week as I've viewed many "back to school" photos on Facebook. I share a measure of excitement and pride for the parent and the child, and  yet have an accompanying sorrow that goes along with it. This article says nearly everything to explain the reservations and concerns I would share with someone who is not willing to consider and pray about homeschooling, or who has the desire and willingness to homeschool but is battling serious fear over the matter. (And how I could write on that matter!)

If you are able, take some time to read the comments left after the initial blog post. It may answer some of your own questions.  From the comments, someone shared an acronymn of the word fear that was worth the price of admission, and it is:



Keelie said...

Hi Kathy! We are going to homeschool for the first time this year. Our family has a unique but very blessed (I feel) circumstance in that my mother, who has retired after nearly 40 yrs as a public school educator, is going to help us teach our kids at home. She will be the primary teacher for my 1st grader (Jonah), his 1st and Kinder cousins and my Glory who will be pre-k. We are all a bit...apprehensive...but know that this is God's amazing plan! It so happens that my degree is in Art Ed and my sis-in-law's is in PE. Mom has taught every grade from PK-8. We all feel that this is the BEST we can do for our kids at this time and we have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

I will enjoy looking back through your posts about homeschooling. Blessings!

Kathy said...

Keelie, I think it's so neat that you all are going to be homeschooling. I will tell you what I often say, and that is that many times the reason you begin homeschooling and the reason you continue become different reasons. I've honestly seen that happen so many times. God just does something to a family in the process that makes them continue, and it's a different reason than when they began. Here's a link to the blog that all of my homeschooling posts used to be on Field Notes. You might find some interesting stuff there. Also, on Facebook (if you're on there), like "The Old Schoolhouse" page. They have soooo much great advice. I'll be praying for you all, and cheering you on, for sure!