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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Song in Our House

Tonight, God displays His glory at sunset: The Palo Verde just beyond our fence.

The Northern Mockingbird gives the signal with a song. It's night time. The water is running to supply the evening baths. The cool air pushes its way into our home a bit more intentionally. The bath music is on, practically its own genre at our house. This day is over. Through the unexpected events of this day our God has kept us, and literally, held us up. The dust has settled, and now, I'm taking on no more responsibility except to be His daughter.

Lord, please sing your song over me. What would be Your night time song, Lord? What would you sing? Your nearness is my good. You have shown me I need not fear anything. I cling to Your great heart. Somehow I sense you could roar over injustices done to us, and that You surely are as a Lion. Your comfort is my quiet and certain song for this hour. You are fierce for us, my Lord. This I am sure of.


Can do mom said...

He is fierce for us.

That is a comfort, isn't it?

Blessings to you.

Mari said...

This is such a beautiful, comforting post.
PS - I like the new look!

Anonymous said...

OH how beautiful, and I love the new look! May your day be filled with joy Kathy!

Elizabeth said...


Susan said...

He is surely our everything and His eye is upon us at all times: even in the midnight hour. What a wonderful, good God we serve. I love Him so and your love of Him always shows brightly. ((hugs))

Mary Lee said...

Great post..I bet Daniel approves of the new template!