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Friday, February 4, 2011

This morning, about ten minutes before 9:00, my son, still in early morning slumber called out to me from his bed, "Mom, would you please play the piano?" "Yes," I said. I had signed up for a prayer time from nine until ten this morning for our church's monthly day of 24 hour prayer- a first Thursday of the month assignment. Knowing that time was coming, I sat down at the piano and begin to sing something that began while I was taking a shower. "Let everything that has breath-praise the Lord, praise the Lord..." and it continued, and I played and played and played.

Then Daniel came to me and said, "Mom, it is impossible for anyone to do what you do." The voice of my Lord was coming through my child in that moment. Each one of us is fearfully and wonderfully made. My song to the Lord is Christ expressing Himself through me in a way that no one else can. Or should. A seemingly silent snowflake falls. A song is lifted up to Heaven. Each one is unique and carries the thumbprint of it's Creator. Let everything, everything....that has breath praise the Lord.


Susan said...

AMEN!!! And as more of Gods beautiful snowflakes are drifting down on top of our biggest snowfall in years, I am reminded yet again that GOD IS IN CONTROL of everything. It is so quiet, and so white, and so peaceful.....why can't we be like that more? I want to be!!!

Sandra said...

What a compliment from your son!!!
I can hear the respect for you and for God in his comment to you.

I thought of you too this morning when I saw that snow falling again.

Have a blessed day!!!

Mari said...

Sounds like a beautiful time of prayer and worship, and I think it's special that Daniel was able to be a witness to it.

Keelie said...

Beautiful Kathy!

Pam said...

A beautiful post which brought tears to my eyes! What a sweet son you have! What a sweet Lord we have!

off topic: I'm so embarrassed! I just corrected some grammar booboos in my last blog post. Sorry you had to read that butchered entry! :)

Can do mom said...

Such sweet words from your son. I treasure sweet comments from my son when they come. :)

I agree, we are each uniquely and wonderfully made. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Gina Stinson said...

Isn't it beautiful that He is constantly molding us into something more beautiful. We are works in progress. Thankful for you and your inspiring post.