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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rod and Staff Comfort

On my list for the homeschooler with preschoolers: THIS from Rod and Staff Publishers. A set of 4 books from Rod and Staff Books, for only $9.00, looks like one of the sweetest introductions to official learning I've seen in a long time. Capturing the lightbulb moments shouldn't be missed and won't be with Rod and Staff's thoughtful curriculum. Because I know where Rod and Staff is heading with their instruction methods, because they are a tried and true Publisher of Christian Curriculum, because I wish I had a little one to bless with their methods, I don't hesitate to recommend this set of books. Take a peak. I'd love about a dozen more little people so I could take a running start at the preschool years again. Curriculum doesn't have to be expensive to be good. This is written proof!


Andi said...

All the Rod and Staff items we use, I have never been sorry for...we love their stuff!

Susan said...

So wonderful those type resources are available to mothers today.