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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am going to make a list for you to read. What is on this list are the victories I have had so far today. I love how Jesus takes a day that Satan wants to use to overwhelm and discourage us, and He turns it into a victory day.

1. We had school.
While we're not quite done, we're doing it. We're doing it! Am I rejoicing? Yes, because I know that this is our calling and the enemy of my soul has been trying to intercept God's plan with his, and we're not falling for it.

2. I made the menu for the rest of the day.
What? You mean you don't have your menu planned for the MONTH? Yep, I do not have the menu planned for the month. No I don't, and I was overwhelmed by even that. One of the lines in the song of my mind was, "Let me....overwhelm you!...." Remember the song, ""Let Me Entertain You"....same tune, just different words.

3. I got to speak the word, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" over my son while he was doing school.
He is an excellent reader, speller by nature, but cannot stand getting a handle on the dictionary. His English assignment was dictionary work. I said that word over him and by the time I was done he was laughing! : ) I loved it.

4. I got to pray for my husband over the phone.
I saved this one for last because it's where my victory came in. I was able to pray over him and bless him by blessing the choices he's made for our family eventhough he feels most of them have failed. No, I choose to bless. I'm not being an ostrich, but I am simply blessing Him as being created by God with the mind of Christ. When I prayed for him (not for myself) is when I began to have the release into the victories of the day that the Lord already had planned.

I am practically embarassed to even list these things that I've struggled with today. I can live with that. Maybe someone else can relate to this. I'm just thrilled to get to experience God's strength even in doing the simplest and most ordinary of tasks. To God be the glory.


Mari said...

Don't be embarrassed - this shows that you are seeing God at work in all areas of your life - not just the big stuff!

tricia said...

Thank you for coming by my blog today. I put a new post on today. God has been working on me in so many ways recently that blogging has not been a priority. I enjoyed reading about your victories today. I always feel so blessed when I see how God is working in someones life.

Kathy said...

#5 I made my first batch of homemade laundry detergent. Looks suspiciously like banana pudding, but it's not. Let me know if you're reading this and want the recipe! : )

Nancy said...

A menu for the whole day!?!
You had me at oatmeal...*; )