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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Favorite Childhood Memory

Today I told my children about one of my favorite childhood memories. In fact, I tried to demonstrate it.

My Dad is an identical twin to an identical red-headed fella who looked....just like him. Having a twin for a Dad was cool, but at times it was confusing. When they both had on their sunglasses, well, it was any man's guess on who was who. Or any child's guess!

The twins, as they were called by some, were both gifted athletes, and played college-level sports. I'm sure they had their favorite sports, but in my view there was nothing they couldn't conquer. They both excelled in football. Their love for the sport continued off the field and beyond their college days.

One of the things I remember so well was, after an evening meal it was not uncommon for my Dad and my Uncle to run down the lane of our house, across the highway, into another pasture area (we lived on a ranch about 10 miles from town, and my Uncle lived on the property as well), and all the while they were running they would be passing the football back and forth, back and forth, talking the whole time, running the whole time. Wow, their stamina! I don't recall anything that was ever said, but I remember trying to tag along as far as our feet would carry us for as long as possible. I even remember trying this on dry-crusted over mud/dirt with no shoes! This was their time. I'm not sure how often it happened, but I can say it left a permenant record in the joy of my childhood memory bank. So, today, I made my effort to instill the memory and the skill into my children out in our backyard.

Out we went, football in hand, and I demonstrated. I wonder if Dad and Uncle Don had lots of holes to dodge then like I did today? 'Course, that's what backyards are for; digging, running, kicking soccer balls, making memories. The children loved it. They have a fascination with Danny's and my childhood, and it was fun to dust off one of the many highlights of my own and give it a whirl. They plan on practicing! I'll have to check in with our Grandkids someday, (yes....out there, waaaay out there) and see if it took!


Nancy said...

Passing on family stories is a joy that will capture hearts far into the future! Well done!

Mari said...

What fun memories. Kids really do enjoy hearing about their parents memories and I love that you relived it.

Brenda said...

I'm sure your kiddos will cherish any stories and memories you pass on. I know I do, when my dad begins to tell of his life, everyone perks up and listens. The wisdom of the aged! What a blessing.

Brenda said... I'm wasn't talking about you!!!