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Friday, January 30, 2009

Leaving the Building

Today was "Big Idea" Day at our homeschooling group. Big Idea is where you bring your cool organization tricks, homeschooling hints, supplements for curriculum, etc etc and we, in the end, have fun getting fired up about keeping on keepin' on!!! Fun time was had by all. I brought a couple of games we use for fun and to get our brain working quicker in the morning, Jonathan Park CD's, etc. etc. In the process of sharing with another homeschooling Mom, we were discussing how easily distracted we get, and how usually if things haven't progressed as they should in HS, we're usually at the root of it.....yes, she identified with me totally. Then when I mentioned that I had a blog, she said she did too and oh my goodness, we instantly diverted from discussing school to exchanging blog addresses, what were we talking about Malinda??? All that to say, we start our vacation tomorrow, and I am going to miss blogging; reading and writing them. sniff sniff. I told Danny it has been a wonderful way to get connected, encouraged, and fired up, and even deeply touched by the amazing folks out there blogging. I feel blessed to have found ya'll-yes, you!!! So, while we have not left YET, we will be leaving the building (right behind Elvis I'm told). Blessings everyone!


Kristi said...

We'll miss you, my friend.

Hey, share some of those organizational tips when you have a chance! I have a, er, FRIEND who needs all the help she can get. ;)

Kathy said...

Can I tell you and hope that you really believe me....I was thinking of you when I wrote this. I miss you already!!!

Susan said...

We in blogland are blessed that you have started blogging and look forward to all the thoughts and things you will be sharing with us. Enjoy your vacation but hurry back to us!!!

Brenda said...

Have a wonderful time on vacation and we'll hear from you when you get back.
God bless

Nancy said...

Home schooling has really come up several notches with all the support opportunities as well as internet availability giving you connectability with other home school groups! How fun to be able to make new friends and share ideas.

Of course that goes for all of us who love to check your blog to find out what the next great adventure for the family will be...*; ) Have a wonderfully fun family time!

Kristi said...


Kathy said...

We're home, but I came home very much under the weather. I have so much fun stuff to share but have felt like crum, so just haven't yet. Can't wait. I've got a couple of choice stories, let me tell you.

Tami said...


Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment!

Have a wonderful day in Christ!