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Friday, September 4, 2009

The Unexpected, The Desired

Susan at Penless Writer wrote a wonderful post on how much rain they had received in her area this summer. Although things are not really lush and green, we have had some unexpected and much needed downpours, last night being one of them. (You can read my lengthy response to Susan's post at her blog.)

I remember how refreshing the rain was to my spirit as it was truly pouring from the sky. From what I could see (important statement) there were no clouds that should yield that kind of rain. But, my soul longed for a refreshing rain like a deer longs for the waterbrook. For me, the rain was a personal reply from the Lord to my need of the hour. It was His answer as far as I was concerned. The desert received the rain with joy as well.

This song frames my thoughts about the rain.


Susan said...

Thanks for posting this and the wonderful song. May our souls soak up the rains He is pouring on us and become so saturated that we splash and flow over on everyone and everything. This is my prayer.

Mari said...

I read your response to Susan earlier and was touched by it. Thanks for posting this and the video today.