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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bill Wilson of Metro Ministries

Danny at The Bumbling Genius has written a post documenting the work and history of Pastor Bill Wilson of Metro Ministries in New York City.

Danny and I have had the privilege of seeing Pastor Wilson speak a couple of times, and I don't know of many willing to sacrifice as he has and does for the sake of the gospel. Please click on the link and view the videos. They're about 18 minutes in total length and every second of them will minister to you and challenge you.-KATHY


Susan said...

I was GREATLY challenged early this morning by Danny's post. Glad both of you posted this.

We must be willing to pay a price for our Great Salvation so good and true which was given to us so freely, but cost The Father & The Son so much.

We use the pharse "Lest we forget" about 9/11.....but our big "Lest we forget" but be about sharing our Saviors love to those who do not know him, and to those who do, but are hurting.

Appreciate you two so very much.
Susan <:)))><

Kathy said...

Thank you Susan. When I read Danny's post this morning, I knew I had to send my readers on over to check it out. It's too good, and so very challenging. Much love and joy together on this incredible journey!

kymber said...

Hi Kathy,
WOW! I am so moved by this! It just goes to show you that God wants us to use the place that we are in our lives - the things that we have learned and the pain that we have gone through - to use it all to bring others in similar circumstances to know the love of the Father.

I feel so incredible blessed everyday that I am in the loving arms of Jesus - that HE has delivered me from all of the hurt and sorrow of my past and I feel so honored that He wants to use my life to serve Him. That He has given me more days in my life to do this - What a privilege that is!

Thank you for directing me to these videos - I am inspired!
Blessings to you,