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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Worship Blog Article

Here is a brief post I wrote to our Worship Team. I thought I would post it here too. Have a wonderfully prepared day with the Lord tomorrow!

Sunday, September 13

At the end of a very full and tiring week I find myself thinking, " Oh, I need to pray more!" "Lord, Am I really ready for this?" And then my usual question when I plan, "Lord, What do you want to hear this weekend?" I know that may sound like a crazy question, but it's one I almost always ask.

Actually it's a good question, and I think He's often answering before we even ask. How many times is He trying to tell us an answer but we haven't asked the question? So, ask Him. Ask Him how He wants you to worship whether or not you're even on the platform. (I recommend giving the blog a read even if you're not scheduled-see it as a prayer list for the weekend!).

Perfect list? No. Perfect style? No. Perfect band? The answer is still "No." However, there is a pure heart devoted to Him that catches His ear and His eye every time. Be that. We sing, "Prepare Ye The Way" as we will do tomorrow. Tonight, let every heart prepare Him room.


Mari said...

I like this - great idea for us as we prepare to worship, even if we are singing along and not leading!

Susan said...

I love the song "Prepare Ye the way." Oh, that is our prayer!!!!

Sandra said...

A pure heart devoted to Him in worship!!!! What a worship time that would be if we all came into agreement and worshipped that way together. We would be one in Him.

Kathy said...

Sandra, you are so right. And the beauty is, that as we come in honesty and humility to Him, He does that great work of purity in us. Blessings, and have a great day tomorrow!