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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Worth It

Tonight I am busying myself with what's worth it; I'm preparing this next week's Science lessons. We have switched to a different curriculum just for variety's sake, and I am enjoying trying out the crafts and notebooking activities in advance of teaching the children.

So, the glue bottle, the markers, and index cards freshly inscribed with vocabulary to broaden the way to learning lie about an already crowded desk. The paper scraps, gluey fingers and the one-hole punch should be cleaned up, cleaned off, and put away. Would my Heavenly Father take this kind of time? For me, yes. For you, yes. For them, yes! He is my role model. He's my favorite teacher. And I tell them as He would tell me, "You're worth it!"


Mary Lee said...

Yep, it is all worth it! Have an awesome day.

Mari said...

What a great comparison!

Gina Stinson said...

Love this! He went to such great lengths for us didn't He? Thanks for the reminder.

Susan said...

And He continues to teach us on a daily, no hourly, basis!!! How blessed your children are :o)

Sandra said...

Yes! He does go to great lengths to teach us doesn't He. The more we learn from Him, the closer we become to Him. I'm sure it is the same with you and your children.

Elizabeth said...

What truth!

Brenda said...

Great analogy, Kathy.
I, too, love the prep work with Grace's schoolwork. It just goes so much smoother when my mind is completely wrapped around everything we're doing rather ahead of time.
God bless.