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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Frog and Toad Invade Our Home

In the curious story of "Frog and Toad All Year", Frog decides to do a fine deed for Toad. He decides to rake Toad's yard. Toad gets the same idea and does the same for Frog. Of course this is a surprise for each other. They happen to choose the same day and time to do this thoughtful deed for the other. On the way back to their respective homes up comes a gust of wind and blows the leaves back through the yards they both raked as a surprise. Thanks to the wind, they didn't get to see what the other had done. They were satisfied just to do something nice for each other, unannounced, and because of the wind, unnoticed.

After our reading of this story, we decided to try this out. So, I sent Daniel upstairs to do something for Bethany, a secret, and he has to keep it a secret. He had to do it expecting no thanks in return. And Bethany the same for him. (Don't tell, but Daniel cleaned out Bethany's toothpaste drawer with all the left-over toothpaste stuck on the side. Bethany cleaned out Daniel's "put away" box by his room.) Right now they're upstairs putting their blond and brown heads together to come up with something for me! Wow! I didn't know I was going to benefit from our "kindness, expecting nothing in return" lesson.

Acts 20:35 (New International Version)
"In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' "


Susan said...

Can't wait to see what they come up with for you. What wonderful teaching and putting feet to our walk of faith and love.

Kathy said...

They suggested and all but implored that I take a bath after their spontaneous deed of love. Any guesses? : )

Mari said...

This is really neat! It shows how you can work their schooling and the great things they are taught into their lives.

Nancy said...

I LOVE Toad and Frog!

Mary Lee said...

WOW!!! You mean they cleaned the Tea Party bathtub?!?!? That is truly an incredible labor of love. You have great children.

Elizabeth said...

What a great idea! Our kids love frog and toad too!!

Dan said...

Moments that will last a life time. You are my favorite teacher, and you ARE a GOOD one at that. Keep up the good work, and remember, there will be dividends with no end.

mom said...

Whenever we do secret things for one another, I think I'm more blessed by the whispered giggles than by all those kind deeds. To find joy in the process of giving is the BEST!

Tammy ~@~

Brenda said...

Our world would sure be a better place if we all had that kind of sharing and giving attitude and not the "what's in this for me" attitude.
I'll have to check that one out at the library for Grace.

Gina Stinson said...

What a blessing to see your children practicing such good deeds on each other...sometimes the family is the last place we practice those lessons!

We love Frog and Toad too....but not in real life...cause I am horrified of them really!