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Saturday, October 31, 2009

About Anguish

This clip is by David Wilkerson, and it's about anguish. Listen, hear the heart of what he says. I believe our hearts must be gripped. If not we must then pray He will change our hearts. "A true prayer life begins at the point of anguish..." This is only one small part of the incredible truth he pours forth in this 7 minute clip.


Mari said...

Excellent. It hit me that I am guilty of not feeling that anguish and also of being spoiled and complacent. Now I need to do more than realize it.

Susan said...

Thank you Kathy for posting this. I am touched to the core. We are so complacent. Would that God would shake us.

Kathy said...

I myself am challenged and left convicted by this clip. That we would be changed, truly changed before it's too late.

Michelle said...

I LOVED this. My heart is in anguish as I think of all who forsake Yah's law and I am taken to Psalm 119:53

I liked Matthew's Commentary on this verse:

"Here is, 1. The character of wicked people . . . They forsake thy law. Every sin is a transgression of the law, but a course and way of wilful and avowed sin is downright forsaking it and throwing it off.

. . .2. The impression which the wickedness of the wicked made upon David; it frightened him, it put him into an amazement. He trembled to think of the dishonour thereby done to God, the gratification thereby given to Satan, and the mischiefs thereby done to the souls of men. He dreaded the consequences of it both to the sinners themselves (and cried out, O gather not my soul with sinners! let my enemy be as the wicked) and to the interests of God's kingdom among men, which he was afraid would be thereby sunk and ruined. He does not say, "Horror has taken hold on me because of their cruel designs against me," but "because of the contempt they put on God and his law." Sin is a monstrous horrible thing in the eyes of all that are sanctified, Jer. 5:30; 23:14; Hos. 6:10; Jer. 2:12."

I feel just as David did toward those who do not honor Yah's law. My heart cries out to Him for the abomination of those who claim they love Him, yet keep not his perfect law. Who follow after the deceptions of satan. My heart cries out for the abomination this world has become. I KNOW anguish. It comes with seeking the narrow way. It is not easy for a reason.

Mel said...

Kathy, thank you for posting this clip. How convicting it is for me. I pray to be in anguish instead of concerned...all for Him and because of Him. Thank you for being faithful to Him and sharing this with all of us. Blessings on you today!