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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Son...

The Princess Papers (our version of more written proof that Bethany is a masterpiece, handmade by God!) are being added to daily, and how good it has been for me as writer and mother to choose atleast one thing for the day upon which to reflect.

As for the up and coming young man of the house, the blog journal is titled, "My Son..." We talked about several different titles, none fit. I prayed and this is what I heard. Danny loved it. First of all, that's what we often call him. Second, how many times is that very phrase used in Proverbs.

Our purpose in writing extends beyond the daily diary mindset, but into passing on any and all wisdom we have from the Lord to our two little beloveds. Pray for us as we not only write it, but live it out-that life that is found nowhere else but in Christ who calls us to contentment, giving thanks in everything, and trusting Him at all times. These very matters are the things we'll write of each day.


Susan said...

Oh what an absolutely perfect title and such treasures you are passing down to your children, and if the Lord tarry, to your grandchildren :o)

What a blessing to your two to have parents such as you and Danny.

How blessed Mickey & I are to have your and Danny as our friends.

Mari said...

What a great title for his blog. I think this is such a wonderful thing you are doing for them. What a keepsake!

Kathy said...

Thank you Susan and Mari. Jesus loves them so much more than we ever could-I just pray we can pour in a thimble of what I know is in His heart for our treasures.

Sandra said...

This is one of the best creative ideas I've ever heard of.

Definately from God and I love both titles.