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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Did she know?

Did she know that I love monograms? Did she know that I love stationary? Did she know that the set of notecards she sent had inside a scripture that I sing over my children every night? Maybe, but I don't think so. I've never even met Susan. Did she know that I had wanted to buy a pouch to put business cards in my "traveling notebook" that I take with me everywhere I go? No, unless God gave her a vision of my periodic disorganization and my desire and continual effort to do something about it. Did she know how much I love music? Yes. That she knew. But about the difficult conversation I'd had with someone close just this week and how her gift became as a balm for me? There's no way she could know. Few did. But my Father in Heaven knew all of this, and saw to it that each of these items I've mentioned were sent to me by Susan at Penless Writer as part of a "Pay It Forward" blog event which Susan had hosted earlier this summer.

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Heavenly Father above (James 1:17), and those gifts come in His time. The relationship with the giver is what makes a gift so beautiful and truly priceless. Susan, thank you. You operated in God's timing, and I am blessed. I can't wait to have my own "Pay It Forward" blog event.


Brenda said...

Why am I not surprised that Susan knew? She walks so closely and has such a wonderful relationship with the Lord, that no, I'm not surprised! What a great friend she is.

Kathy said...

So true, Brenda. Your words of her are true, and may they be so of us. I think that's why we're all so wonderfully challenged and blessed by her.

Mary Lee said...

God's timing is awesome...Thanks Susan for hearing His voice and acting upon it!

Mari said...

I love hearing stories of how God uses others to bless us. Susan is a wonderful example of letting God use her.

Susan said...

Oh my, you should have warned me so I'd have my box of kleenex handy!!1 Your words are to kind.

Praise God HIS Word tells us "His sheep hear His voice". Can anything be more wonderful than knowing that fact!!!!

It truly is all about Jesus.

I love you, Kathy, because you have His heart.

Kathy said...

Oh, and I failed to mention the beautiful devotional book which was also sent. It's perfect for bedside reading. Oh, Thank you Susan!! : )

Sandra said...

I love hearing stories how God used someone to touch another. How the Holy Spirit leads and guides a person in the little details that will minister to another.

Elizabeth said...

What a blessing!