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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A friend of mine recently presented a philosophy of Christian music on his facebook account. I'm not sure where it came from, but here it is:

The Philosophy of Christian music: If you're young you like Hip Hop or Alternative, if your older you like Hymns, Southern Gospel or P&W. If you don't like those styles you're probably going to Hell. If your an artist/musician & you don't play those styles you're probably going to Hell. Hmm, not sure where I fit in this.

When we start focusing on styles and methods as related to worship, I get a little bent out of shape, and I try not to let my flesh peek its little nose into what I want to be a right response. That being said, here is my reply. Because it's facebook, I kept it brief. I think it about covers it though.

"Yikes, wherever that philosophy came from I don't know. I'm guessing from someone who has gotten their eyes OFF of the Creator of ALL those styles. How uniquely He made us, and how uniquely we are to express our love for Him through all of these styles....and any one of them will do (truly!) o.k. Do I have my preference? Yes. Does God....probably not. I'm highly suspicious the heart is #1 on His list of concerns, and the style flows from that. That's my philosphy in a nutshell."

How easy it is to get our eyes off of the Most High. How heart breaking it must be to Him, to a degree we may not ever understand, to see us so very far away from our first love. Sin grieves Him, even the sin of a misplaced focus.


Mari said...

This is such a pertinent post right now. It seems so many people are stressing about music in the church, and churches are even breaking apart over it. Satan has truly found an effective wedge to separate people. Yes - it must really grieve God.

Susan said...

I love worshiping the Lord and I enjoy all styles of music (except I'm not crazy about opera - although I love classical!!). We have those in our Body who complain about the music. It always makes me very sad. As you say, if it makes me sad how it must grieve our Father God.

Dan said...

This might help put things in perspective.

Kathy said...

Danny, that is such a apt so many things. Thank you for bringing our attention to this document-way to post on MY post! : ) And I mean that! : )